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Key Card & Key Fob Entry System
External contactless card and key fob reader with built-in controller and UKEY technology support: Mifare® Plus and Mifare® Classic, Bluetooth, NFC card, key fob, and mobile ID reader.

Using an external network proximity card reader BAS-IP CR-02BD, you can read contactless cards, key fobs, as well as mobile identifiers from mobile devices and open the connected lock.

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Product Details
Robust Design and Protection
Built to withstand harsh conditions, the CR-02BD boasts an IP65 protection class and can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +65 °С. Its metal casing, complete with a glass faceplate, ensures durability and reliability in any environment.
Sleek and Stylish Aesthetics
Available in black, gold, and silver, the CR-02BD offers an elegant design that will complement any interior or exterior setting. With dimensions of 99×159×48 mm, it is compact and easy to install, whether flush-mounted or wall-mounted using the BR-AV2.
Efficient Power Consumption
The CR-02BD is energy efficient, consuming only 6.5 W during operation and just 2.5 W in standby mode. Its power supply options include PoE and +12 V DC, making it suitable for various installation scenarios.
Multiple Access Control Methods
The CR-02BD offers an extensive range of access control options, from traditional access cards to cutting-edge smartphone applications like the BAS-IP UKEY app. The reader also supports API integration, providing flexible and customizable access solutions for any organization.
Wide Range of Supported Identifiers
The CR-02BD is compatible with a variety of identifier types, including EM-Marin, MIFARE, NFC, and Bluetooth, ensuring seamless integration with your existing access control infrastructure or offering an easy upgrade path for future expansion.
Effortless Integration with ACS
Equipped with an integrated controller capable of managing up to 10,000 identifiers, the CR-02BD can be easily integrated with access control systems using WIEGAND output formats from 26 to 64 bits. This versatility allows it to work with a wide range of ACS solutions.
User-friendly Interface
The CR-02BD features a multi-language web interface, making it accessible and easy to manage for users worldwide. With separate password authentication for settings and the web interface, you can ensure that your access control system remains secure and protected from unauthorized changes.
Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality
The CR-02BD is equipped with Software Link support, SIP P2P communication, a built-in relay, and an open API, providing additional flexibility and customization options for your access control system. These features make it a powerful and adaptable solution for any organization’s security needs.
Discover the Power of the CR-02BD
Upgrade your access control system with the versatile, stylish, and high-performance CR-02BD. Its robust design, multiple access control methods, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface make it the perfect solution for organizations looking to enhance their security infrastructure. Experience the difference for yourself and invest in Bas-IP's CR-02BD Mifare Reader today.

Device type: Standalone / network reader with controller
Protection class: IP65
Working temperature: -40 — +65 °С
Power consumption: 6,5 W, in standby — 2,5 W
Power supply: PoE, +12 V DC (+12% -6%)
Case: Metal, with glass faceplate
Colors: Black, gold, silver
Dimensions: 99×159×48 mm
Installation: Flush mounting, wall mounting with BR-AV2
IK-Code: IK07
Box dimensions: 224×131.5×110 mm
Gross weight: 1,20 kg
Interface: Multi-language, WEB-interface
Lock opening:
• By an access card
• From the BAS-IP UKEY application
• From API
Access control: UKEY (EM-Marin/MIFARE®/NFC/Bluetooth)
Integration with ACS: Output WIEGAND-26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64 bit
Supported Wiegand types: 26, 32, 34, 37, 40, 42, 56, 58, 64
Access control integration: Integrated controller up to 10 000 identifiers and multiformat UKEY reader
Shortcut buttons: No
Authentication: Separate password for settings, WEB – interface
• Software Link support
• Built-in relay
• Open API
Supported types of identifiers:
• EM-Marin (EM4100) [ASK 125 KHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight C [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Ultralight EV1 [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 1K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Classic EV1 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE ID [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Mini [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 2K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• MIFARE Plus 4K [ISO 14443 Type A 13,56 MHz]
• BLE [Bluetooth Low Energy 2,4 GHz]
• Temic [FSK 125 kHz]
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